h2. Welcome to the West Marches.

More than a thousand years ago, a great evil descended on the world. The land was plunged into chaos and darkness. 
People sought refuge in the great cities. The city of Vahan stood tall against the relentless attacks of orcs, goblins and other fiendish abominations. 
When the people were desperate and hope seemed lost the armies of evil vanished. Some say it was the king's wizard that drove them off, others say it was divine intervention from the gods.
None the less the land had become dangerous. Anyone who dared to venture out was either never seen again or return in fear.
Slowly over time the kingdom was able to take back parts of the wilderness but at great cost. Small settlements were made. 
The village Teldor near the western forest is able to produce lumber.
The mining colony Kallof near the mountains of the east is quarrying stone and delving underground to come up with ore.
And then there is Forelance Nest, seeing that there was nothing of value in the south this settlement became a refuge for thieves and other scum. Rather than have criminals roaming around in his city, 
the king let them be, but keeps his eye on this village.
Though the monster attacks deter anyone from pushing their luck, the kingdom stays alive. Recently the number of attacks has gone up. This causes the king and the people to worry.
In an attempt to reclaim the wilderness and gain information, the king and his council have decided to open a guild. Anyone who dares to go and venture out will be accepted and given the necessary supplies.
This is where our adventure begins.

West Marches: The Kingdom of Vahan